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Lovely tarnish free silver rosetted girl from Junglefire Shadow Recruit aka Shadow and Junglefire Spring Enchantment a.ka Enya.
Giselle had a litter of 4 gorgeous silver kittens on Christmas day 2018. I kept the only girl in the litter.who is pictured on the upcoming page.
Junglefire Shadow Recruit Silversafari Avatar Silversafari The Gov
Wildside Yangming
Poshpaws Twilight of Junglefire QGC Bluewater It's A Steel of Poshpaws
Poshpaws Metallica
Junglefire Spring Enchantment CH Niteo Junglefire Chance Encounter Junglefire Cold As Ice
Korshki In Vogue
OD QGC Junglefrost Milady Dwinter Spotsalot Quicksilver
Silversafari Sumersolstice


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